Dialogue Genie

Dialogue Genie is a software-based document generation solution. While the core application has reached a significant maturity on the one hand over the past decade, it has been enhanced with state of the art attributes and features.  The first-class reliability combined with its unrivalled speed to produce high volumes of output offer significant value to customers.

By simplifying the utilization of data from third-party applications, Dialogue Genie has the embedded natural capability to work seamlessly with internal/home-grown or external/purchased applications. Integration without modification is the prime approach.

Dialogue Genie enables organizations to reach out to your customers and citizens in new and effective ways. For example, you can automate your statement generation process, include embedded bar charts or graphs, and email them to your customers. Or, create documents as HTML pages that can be viewed on any browser. Another option is to produce “fillable” documents that allow your customers to feed information back to you in an effective manner.